The museum building is a monument of history and architecture of 1877. The founders of the Red Star enterprise lived in this building – the Elworthy brothers, Robert with his wife and children, as well as Thomas Elworthy – they lived in rooms on the second floor, on the first floor there were service personnel, a boiler room and a bakery.

After the restoration and overhaul of the Elworthy house in 1994, the creation of the museum began. Now the museum has more than 3,500 exhibits that tell about what was produced at the factory, about pre-war products, about the reconstruction and development of the enterprise in the post-war period and during the years of Independence.

In 2012, the exposition of the museum was replenished with a unique exhibit – the “Elworthy” horse-drawn disc seeder of 1898.

The Literary and Memorial Museum of the outstanding figure of Ukrainian culture of the 2nd half of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century Ivan Karpovich Karpenko-Kary (Tobilevich) was opened in 1995 on the initiative of the Kirovohrad regional organization of the Union of Writers of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments on the occasion of 150 – anniversary of the playwright and actor’s birthday.

The museum is located in the memorial building, which is associated with the 11 years of the writer’s life (1872-1883) in the former Yelysavetgrad. He began his literary activity in these walls. The Tobilevich estate remembers the names of prominent Ukrainian theater figures Mykola Sadovskyi, Panas Saksaganskyi, Maria Sadovskya-Barilotti, cultural and public figures of the 2nd half of the 19th century Mykola Lysenko, Mark Kropyvnytskyi, Mykola Arkas, Maria Zankovetska, Mykhailo Starytskyi, Petro Nishchynskyi, Sofia and Oleksandr Rusovyh, Yevhen Chikalenko, Oleksandr Tarkovsky. Museum funds include about 16,000 items. Among them are materials about more than 250 representatives of the writer’s guild – our compatriots. Lifetime editions of the works of I. Karpenka-Kary and M. Kropyvnytskyi, works of V. Vynnychenko, published at the beginning of the 20th century, original photos of luminaries of the Ukrainian theater, memories of Yevgeny Malaniuk, autographs of Arseniy Tarkovsky, Vasyl Kozachenko, Yuriy Mokriev, Sava Golovanivskyi, Volodymyr Bazilevsky, Mykola Smolenchuk, selections of books by our compatriots from the 1930s, materials from the personal archives of compatriot writers from the Second World War, and much more.

The garden area and the courtyard are an integral part of the Tobilevich city estate. It is a place for concerts, creative gatherings, literary picnics and quests, a recreational space for visitors of all ages.

The communal institution “O.O. Osmyorkin Memorial Art Museum” was opened in 1994 in the building where the outstanding artist of the first half of the 20th century spent his childhood and youth. O. O. Osmyorkin.
Osmyorkin Oleksandr Oleksandrovych (1892-1953) is a professor of painting, his creative legacy is more than 700 works of painting, graphics, theater scenery, which are kept in art museums of Ukraine and other countries, and private collections.

The museum building is an architectural monument, built in 1899 according to the own design of the famous Yelisavetgrad architect Yakov Vasyliovych Pauchenko (1866-1914), the uncle of the artist, who is one of the creators of the architectural ensemble of the historical center of Kropyvnytskyi.

The exposition of the museum is placed in four halls. The memorial hall invites visitors to get acquainted with the life and work of O. O. Osmyorkin. The exhibition hall presents the artist’s painting and graphic works, photographs, documents, personal belongings, items from the creative workshop, memorial items from the Pauchenko-Osmyorkin house. Thematic exhibitions of museum collections, modern fine art, children’s and student creativity, and photo exhibitions are exhibited in the exhibition halls.
The museum holds various educational and cultural and artistic events – excursions, lectures, art studios, master classes, creative meetings and chamber music concerts.

The Kirovohrad Regional Museum of Local Lore is the heir to the city’s oldest museum institution, created in 1883 by Volodymyr Yastrebov (1855-1899), a teacher of Yelisavetgrad Zemstvo Real School.

In 1929, the district historical and archaeological museum was allocated premises at 40 Lenin Street, where it is still located today. In 1939, the museum was granted the status of a regional museum.

According to the resolution of the Kirovohrad Bureau of the Regional Party Committee dated May 1, 1946, “Before the Great Patriotic War, the funds of the local history museum had at their disposal a large number of items of history, archeology, ethnography, numismatics, flora and fauna, manuscripts by Saksagansky, Kropyvnytskyi, Russian, Dutch paintings , French, Ukrainian artists, a library with a large number of books of the 15th-18th centuries. During the occupation, the exposition was dismantled and the exhibits were dumped in the basement of the museum. Paintings, embroideries, carpets, books, porcelain, valuable vases were taken to Germany by the occupiers. Museum documentation was destroyed. In total, the museum lost more than 10,000 exhibits.”

In September 1946, the museum was opened to visitors.  The exposition had two sections – nature and history of the region.

Museum collections include more than 60,000 main items and more than 27,000 scientific and auxiliary items, these are interesting collections that characterize the historical development and culture of the region from ancient times to the present day, nature. It is in this museum that some objects from the world-famous collection of O. Ilyin are kept.

3D museum tour: 3D_kokm/kraeznavchuy_museum.html

It was created in 1991 with the aim of preserving, studying and developing the musical culture of our region. The museum stores about 4,000 items from the main fund and 3,000 items from the auxiliary fund, including autographs of prominent musicians K.Shymanovskyi, G.Neihaus, Yu.Meitus, paintings by V.Fyodorov and D.Pryshikhovska, posters, concert programs, songbooks, sheet music, photographs, jubilee medals, gramophone records, audio cassettes, CDs, harmonium and others musical instruments, as well as the grand piano and desk of the composer and musicologist G. Polyanovsky, books from the Szymanovsky library and memorial items. The museum hosts tours and lectures “Musical culture of our region from its origins to the present day”, “Ukrainian composers and our region”, “Our museum bears his name (Life and work of the composer Karol Szymanovsky)”, “Could you just show me a big field of wheat?” (Karol Szymanovsky and Ukraine)”, “Grand piano and carbine (Yelysavetgrad years of Karol Szymanovsky)”, “Collectors of song treasures” (folkloric activities of students and followers of M. Lysenko in Yelysavetgrad region), “Inexhaustible sources (Musical folklore of the Kirovohrad region. Research and reproduction )”.

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