“Entourage A” agency has been engaged in advertising since 1994. 26 years ago, the company was founded “from scratch” by today’s well-known businesswoman Iryna Anatoliivna Sayenko.
Our experience allows us to solve any tasks in the field of advertising, and the most important thing is to guarantee quality, which is the hallmark of our company.
The range of our services does not leave anyone indifferent, and a team of professionals will always advise, tell you which material or technology to choose for each specific order.
Each case is individual and that is what we love about our work.
We will answer any client’s request: “Yes, it is possible”!
We manufacture products in-house. The maximum quality of our services is achieved by modern technologies and professional machines.
Information stands, outdoor advertising, exhibition stands, three-dimensional logos, polygraphy, advertising and souvenir products, large-format printing, cutting
and engraving, address plates, t-shirts, cups, medals, photo wallpapers are only part of our activities. So we can safely say that today “Entourage A” is one of the leading and stable advertising agencies in Central Ukraine.
At the same time, the goal of our team is not only profit. Almost every day we hear about environmental disasters, we feel that Ukraine and the world may soon be consumed by used plastic and polyethylene. Therefore, since 2018, we have started a new project “Ecodesign” – manufacturing boxes, boxes, bags, stands, caskets, souvenir products, watches from natural renewable materials. Our products can be seen on the shelves of specialized stores and individual retail chains.
Being one of the leading suppliers in the regional market, we have created the “Eco-Design” online store, where we have collected complete information
about our company’s products. And although the site is more of a presentational nature, all products can be quickly found using the built-in search tools and conveniently place an order through the shopping cart on the site

The Vargo company specializes in the production and design of trade equipment and POS materials (price holders, light panels, stoppers, plastic trays, etc.).
Metal and plastic products are offered.
Free development service is provided
3D models and the possibility of ordering by phone

The company develops, manufactures and sells P.O.S. materials: hanging, floor, tabletop displays, information, presentation, advertising, exhibition, storage stands; standard and non-standard merchandising equipment. And also, storage racks, stands and racks, pallets and stands, mesh containers

The company manufactures branded equipment, racks for clothing stores, warehouses, cash register equipment, metal furniture. The company’s partners are the well-known brands Roshen, Sandora, Sosa-Sola, Pepsi, Epicenter, Johnson & Johnson, Chumak, Big, Millenium, Ekomarket and others

The enterprise is engaged in the production of metal tanks, reservoirs, and containers. Processes and applies coatings to metals.
The main type of activity is the production of office and shop furniture

The company “ART-STEEL” is a manufacturer of retail racks for furnishing shops, supermarkets and shopping centers. Our company was founded in 2016. The main activities of the enterprise are the design, development, production and installation of trade equipment made of high-strength metal, of various degrees of complexity, from serial, rack to individual branding. It is possible to cover all the needs of the Customers in trade equipment. Due to the increased production capacity, modern equipment, as well as qualified personnel, the production period of the equipment does not exceed 2 weeks. Among our partners are such companies as: Roshen, Millenium, Pepsico, Ids Group, Big, Sandora, Maxus, EuroLamp, Videx, Vitmark, Lays, Cheetos, Varus, Vitals, Johnson & Johnson, Borjomi, Ecomarket, Epicenter, Aurora, Chumak, Bee, Red Market, 33 square meters, EVA, Econom, and many others.

Placement of outdoor advertising on standard advertising structures such as billboards (advertising area 3×6 m) and city lights (advertising area 1.2×1.8 m). The database contains more than 230 planes of various formats, which allows to cover the advertising space of the city as much as possible. The process of advertising on billboards and city lights includes the following services: selection of free space, logistics and planning, rental of advertising space, development of an advertising layout, printing and gluing/installation of a poster/banner on advertising space. Specialists perform all these services promptly and qualitatively at all stages

Advertising production, printing services, typographic services, souvenir products

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