Cultivation of drupes,
seed and berry cultures

PE “Maximarin” IT Center takes a leading position in the market of Ukraine in the development and implementation of innovative technologies aimed at preserving and regulating soil moisture, improving soil quality indicators.
The company produces products under the “MaxiMarin” trademark, which allows plants to make the most complete use of natural moisture, reduce watering by more than 50% in terms of frequency and volume, thereby reducing irrigation costs, and improving aeration and drainage in wet soils.
The specialists of the “Maximarin” PE NVC IT company offer innovative technologies and many years of experience to solve urgent issues of moisture regulation, implementing a comprehensive approach to the characteristics of soils and the specifics of each culture

“AGRODAR – UKRAINE PLUS” LLC is the largest manufacturer and representative of agricultural products using the closed cycle method: from the field to the store. Our products:
-frozen vegetables and fruits. Products collected in our own fields and frozen using IQF technology, which preserves all useful and taste properties;

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