From the day of its foundation to the present day, all enterprises of the Khimrezerv company have been continuously working on expanding the range of manufactured products and modernizing production facilities: recipes have been developed and special paint and varnish materials based on epoxy and polyvinyl resins, “hammer” enamels and coatings have been introduced into production. with the effect of “forging”.
The company’s successful work over such a long period of time became possible due to the formation of a highly professional team, constant investments in production, and the creation of modern accredited laboratories.
The key to the company’s success is also the desire of the management and the team to constantly set new tasks for themselves and successfully fulfill them

“Faino Market chain of stores has 126 stores in 14 cities
and 26 inhabitants
points of Ukraine (2 regions).
These are stores close to home, where you can find a wide range of products. Our own production, cooking, pizzeria, grill are actively represented.
Three years in a row, the supermarket has won the “People’s Brand” contest.

The “Remsintez” plant has been developing, manufacturing and selling agricultural machinery since 2010 and provides a full range of warranty and post-warranty service.
The presence of our own design bureau, modern equipment and highly qualified personnel allows us to meet the needs of customers, both in terms of quality and functionality of units. Free shipping.
In the 2021/22 season, the Remsintez plant offers:
• seeders of direct seeding SICH-3,6 (4,2 and 6) for grain crops
• “Atria” direct sowing planters for row crops
• Ceres precision seeding disc seeders
• grain planters SRZ-3.6 (4 and 5.4)
• SPU-8 precision sowing machines (4 and 6)
• Saturn sowing complex for grain and row crops
• “Hetman” wide-grip plows (cultivation depth up to 40 cm, grip width of 1 working organ 60 cm, 2 modes of operation – plow and flat cutter)
• KNP-5,6 cultivators

“PROD-INVEST” LLC started its production and commercial activities
in 1998, has more than 20 years of experience in the market of Ukraine and other countries of the world in the production of sugar and chewy cookies, sandwich cookies with various fillings, various types of glazed products, wafer tubes and dragees. The products are weighed (from 0.5 kg to 5 kg), wrapped and weighed (wrapped in a transparent packaging film) and packaged.

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