OnFrontiers Marketplace: What does it bring to businesses?

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine together with the Office for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Export with the support of the USAID Program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with additional opportunities to strengthen their business and enter new markets, offering them access to specialized consulting sessions with international business experts on the global marketplace OnFrontiers.

The OnFrontiers platform enables clients to quickly and accurately identify and connect with freelance technical experts from different parts of the world, different industries and business niches from around the world through web-based consultations.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs can engage international consultants free of charge to solve business problems related to e-commerce, export development, digital transformation and many other topics, as well as strategic or narrow niche tasks of their business.

Thanks to consultations, entrepreneurs will be able to get the following opportunities, for example:

  • form a strategy for entering the market anywhere in the world, including methods of identifying new customers or suppliers in target markets;
  • find out the requirements for production or supply of products (i.e. certification or specification issues) applied by international buyers or well-known global brands;
  • understand the pricing or branding strategy applicable to different e-commerce tools and platforms;
  • understand trends in changes in consumer requirements and expectations for products or services;
  • receive feedback from experienced investors, experts and/or business leaders regarding the business model, products, solutions or services;

and many other possibilities depending on the company’s request. More about the initiative on the Diya.Business portal at the link: http://surl.li/biezm.

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