Kropyvnytskyi Museum of Musical Culture named after K. Szymanovskyi

It was created in 1991 with the aim of preserving, studying and developing the musical culture of our region. The museum stores about 4,000 items from the main fund and 3,000 items from the auxiliary fund, including autographs of prominent musicians K.Shymanovskyi, G.Neihaus, Yu.Meitus, paintings by V.Fyodorov and D.Pryshikhovska, posters, concert programs, songbooks, sheet music, photographs, jubilee medals, gramophone records, audio cassettes, CDs, harmonium and others musical instruments, as well as the grand piano and desk of the composer and musicologist G. Polyanovsky, books from the Szymanovsky library and memorial items. The museum hosts tours and lectures “Musical culture of our region from its origins to the present day”, “Ukrainian composers and our region”, “Our museum bears his name (Life and work of the composer Karol Szymanovsky)”, “Could you just show me a big field of wheat?” (Karol Szymanovsky and Ukraine)”, “Grand piano and carbine (Yelysavetgrad years of Karol Szymanovsky)”, “Collectors of song treasures” (folkloric activities of students and followers of M. Lysenko in Yelysavetgrad region), “Inexhaustible sources (Musical folklore of the Kirovohrad region. Research and reproduction )”.

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