Museum of the history of the “Elworthy” plant

The museum building is a monument of history and architecture of 1877. The founders of the Red Star enterprise lived in this building – the Elworthy brothers, Robert with his wife and children, as well as Thomas Elworthy – they lived in rooms on the second floor, on the first floor there were service personnel, a boiler room and a bakery.

After the restoration and overhaul of the Elworthy house in 1994, the creation of the museum began. Now the museum has more than 3,500 exhibits that tell about what was produced at the factory, about pre-war products, about the reconstruction and development of the enterprise in the post-war period and during the years of Independence.

In 2012, the exposition of the museum was replenished with a unique exhibit – the “Elworthy” horse-drawn disc seeder of 1898.

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