All government services in Ukraine are now on a single official resource

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine informs that all state services in Ukraine, which are provided by executive authorities and local self-government bodies, are now available on the single official resource “Guide to State Services” ( By visiting the Guide, you can get complete and reliable information about all state services of our country, in particular:
1) information on where to get the service and how to order it;
2) is the state service available online, or is it currently only available offline;
3) who can apply for such a service;
4) the term and cost of providing a state service;
5) a comprehensive list of documents, which is necessary when receiving a state service;
6) where to appeal decisions, actions and inactions of the subject of public service provision, etc.
Currently, information on more than 1,860 state services of executive and local self-government bodies can be found on Gida, and its attendance is on average more than 5,000 users per day.

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