Funds to support the continuity and recovery of businesses operating in the sectors of information technology, engineering, production and services, in need of relocation, expansion to foreign markets.

For whom:

For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with up to 250 employees and an annual turnover of up to 50 million euros.

Businesses operating in the information technology, engineering, manufacturing and service sectors (e.g. furniture, textiles, animal husbandry, toys, cosmetics, home goods, food and electronic equipment) and creative industries (e.g. film, audiovisual materials, fashion and production of craft products). At the same time, the program is open to applications for support from other sectors that meet the criteria of this request.


It is expected that the amount of each grant will be from UAH 600,000 to UAH 1,200,000.

The program plans to provide approximately UAH 36 million by providing up to 50 grants.


July 24, 2023 or until all grant funds are disbursed.


The activities of the grant recipient may be focused on the following needs:

• improvement of business processes and models;

• development of organizational potential;

• development of production, sales;

• digital and trade capabilities.

These needs may include:

• IT solutions;

• product development and innovation;

• creation or restoration of supply chains;

• strengthening of personnel training and personnel provision;

• improvement of online marketing and promotion in domestic and foreign markets;

• increasing business competitiveness;

• improving access to financing for small and medium-sized enterprises;

• as well as similar activities related to maintaining business continuity and recovery.

Grant funds of the USAID KEU Program cannot be used for the following:

• construction or any infrastructure activity;

• ceremonies, parties, celebrations or “entertainment” expenses;

• purchase of goods subject to restrictions (agricultural goods, motor vehicles, including motorcycles; pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, contraceptives, used equipment, abortion equipment and services, luxury goods, alcoholic beverages);

• purchase of goods or services restricted or prohibited under applicable USAID rules of origin/nationality (eg, goods and services from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria);

• any purchase or activity that has already been carried out;

• purchases or activities that are not necessary to achieve the goals of the grant, as defined by the USAID KEU Program;

• prior obligations and/or debts, fines and penalties imposed on the grantee;

• creation of funds for donations.


• You can submit only one application per company.

• The program involves 2 stages of submission. If the applicant meets the assessment criteria, they will be officially notified of passing Stage 1 and invited to submit a full application.

More details: Detailed information on the requirements and provisions of the program can be found HERE

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