Family entertainment park Dendropark

Arboretum is a park with an area of ​​45 hectares. It was artificially created in 1958 in the middle of the bare steppe on the lands of the collective farm “Ukraine”. Then there were ears of deer here. Thanks to the enthusiasts, groups of students, schoolchildren, school teachers, teachers of the station, young people were formed. More than fifty species of trees and bushes were planted then. Today, 12 hectares of the arboretum are home to entertainment facilities, cafes, restaurants, 40 attractions, an artificial lake and a new fountain have been built. In 2015, the Dendropark became the best park in Ukraine for family recreation. A special pride of the park is the avenue of conifers, as well as magnolia, mimosa, Canadian maple, and lilac. And most importantly, rare flowers are planted in this park – muscari (small hyacinth), roses, peonies, and 3 million tulips.
Today it is called “little Holland”, because it was from this country that the journey of these flowers to our city began. The Dendropark also has a live corner where you can see pheasants, peacocks and other fauna. Every year, a new rolling lawn and 40 types of Dutch varieties of tulips are planted in the arboretum.

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